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Future Creatives

abovo is a creative production team that focuses on global, environmental, and social issues as its main themes. Aiming to acquire a more international understanding, abovo deals with these contemporary issues through film, multi-media, installation, and other creative ideas and methods.

Currently, we are seeing the world intertwined with various values and virtues, unprecedented in our history. We are now stepping into the world of the unknown.
The so-called “right answer” is quickly disappearing. We are often overwhelmed with so many ways and choices of living and being, that even while dealing with the dilemmas and contradictions, we are still required to make our societies more sustainable and equal.
We are facing such a conundrum.

However, it is in these times, that “creativity” and “imagination” are most necessary. Those who are working in environmental, social, or world peace activities, for example, are often not socially recognized due to their weak media contents or a lack of creativity, though their actions and messages are remarkable and noteworthy.

We consult and direct entities such as these, to produce a final product to achieve more recognition, and to spread the word to a wider audience. We strongly believe that we can create a better future together.

abovo hopes to become a creative production company to walk with you towards a more positive and bright future.

Youki Mikami
Founder and Managing Director


Born in Tokyo in 1970, Youki was brought up in Japan, France, and Britain. When he was sixteen, 
he attended the two-year International Baccalaureate Program at the United World College of 
the Atlantic (UWC) in Wales with students from all over the world. This experience consequently 
got him interested in social issues and later led him into environmental issues. Having been trained 
as a practicing fine artist at Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, he worked and experienced 
various forms of art such as music, installation, films, and club events. Youki shifted himself into 
the environmental and social fields in the mid 2000’s and started creating the media milieu to act 
upon. Currently running his own creative production abovo, and partnering with various teams of NGOs, 
he hopes to solve contemporary problems and to help create a better and more sustainable future.